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The science of construction, Vastu has been the guiding principle for construction since the early Vedic period. The term Vastu has been derived from the term ‘Vasa’, which means abode. Therefore the very origin of a science which deals with the basic and important need of constructing should be dealt as a knowledge providing principle than mere ceremony. The efficacy of construction had been followed ever since the civilization started and man felt the need to build homes. The Shastra and the Puranas are evident of the facts.

We often overlook the principles of this ancient science when carrying out constructions according to our modern day requirements. These aversions take a toll in the long run, non-development of business, people falling sick in the family or constant psychological stress can also be because of the Vastu defects in your home or office.

As goes the saying better late than never, there are always ways of improving on these blemishes. Consulting a knowledgeable and erudite advisor will help you out of the trouble. Vastu Shastra combines all these five elements (Panch Maha Bhuta) fire, water, earth, air and sky (ether) and balances them with the person (inhabitant of the dwelling) and the material used for construction. Vastu consultancy therefore, helps one improve their lives by designing their buildings as per the understanding of the orientation of these natural forces as laid down by Vastu Shastra.

The science helps one realize the benefits bestowed by the classical elements. A learned vastu consultant helps people create a congenial living and working environment, which facilitates spiritual well-being, enhanced health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Directions also play a very crucial role in Vastu Shastra as specific directions have their own set of utilities and disadvantages, which have to be managed accordingly.

For Vastu consultancy, all facts and features of the residence or commercial space are taken into consideration and closely researched and studied. It is also important to study the environment and the location or surroundings.