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Indian Astrology is a normative science completely based on mathematics, movement of celestial bodies, and relevant calculations. An Astrologer bears the unique knowledge to conduct future predictions after studying a horoscope or kundli.

The horoscope or kundli is the basic requirement for analysis through Indian Astrology. It is a set of birth and chronological information about the position and influence of planets and heavenly bodies on a particular human being. An astrologer studies the effects and implications of planets and accordingly suggests solutions, which can be a combination of Puja-Anushthan, spiritual items, certain dos and don’ts, etc.

How to choose an Astrologer?

It is not easy to find an authentic astrologer who practices Indian Astrology with the dignity, honesty, and respect it deserves. Astrology is an ancient science, often mistaken and at times deliberately presented, as some form of mystic power or related to super natural elements. It has always been based on pure mathematical and scientific calculations and theories. It is a science which has strong links with the astronomy and hence the similarity in their names, ‘astro’ signifying stars or other celestial bodies.

There are no universally accepted qualifications for an astrologer. The only way an astrologer can be deemed credible is by the results he has achieved in practice, his successful experience and hard-earned reputation. Moreover, there is no exact scale to measure success, because it is always relative (differs from person to person). It is Dr. Prem Gupta’s endeavor to make people aware of the correct process of Indian Astrology, so that many can reap its benefits and not fall prey to unlearned astrologists suggesting magical devices.